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Q; Is blue tape the best tape to use?

A; Certainly not. I use very little of it. Since the blue tape craze it seems to be everyones "go to" tape. It does not stick well and only has specific uses. I'll only use it in places where I know that it will be set down for more than a day and on surfaces that regular tape could damage like wood and tile. Also on exteriors I know the prep work will be up for several days so as not to leave a residue I'll have to clean off later. Its very expensive and over rated. But I will carry at least one roll on me most of the time.

Q; how do you get such clean cut in lines without using tape.

A; its all in the shoulders! Freehand painting also takes practice. This is perhaps the biggest skill a painter has among many other mastered variables.

This page is dedicated to "ask the pro"  questions. In the dialog box to the right you can ask me how any particular task is performed and what technique is utilized to achieve the desired result. You can also ask me what products work best on any given project as well as dIY tips and procedures.

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